I'm now expanding my horizons into the realm of information technology.



  • Nickname: Wells
  • Location: Taipei

I'm Wells, a former national champion in Electrical Installations. After conquering the electrical field, I'm now expanding my horizons into the realm of information technology.

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  • Jul 2022



    Software EngineerCyberbiz

    • Guided the team in the successful development of the "OMO Assistant" project. including technical decision-making, infrastructure construction, and system design.
    • making API Client Gem for internal projects
    • in charge of invoice service, including solving thread problems, developing API, generating reports for financial audit
    • Improve CI/CD workflow for large DB migration
    • Upgrading and developing the E-tag service
    • E-Commerce and POS System Development.
    • Import E2E test for LINE Service.
  • Feb 2021


    Jul 2022

    Part TimeAIHAO

    • Maintaining 讚爾水晶球
    • Maintaining 台灣醒報
    • Maintaining AlphaCamp Lighthouse
    • Upgrading RubyJobs website
    • Developing website monitoring system (uptime.tw)
  • Jan 2019



    Free LancerN/A

    • Sketchup 3D rebar automatic build plugin.
    • TAIWAN Tech sport registration system
    • TAIWAN Tech QS Reputation Survey System.
    • Kugifoods C2M system development, design, and implementation.
  • Jun 2020


    Jan 2021

    CIOHomie Studio Startup

    • Build a SaaS startup with six months.
    • Ministry of Economic Aairs /Shooly/750k TWD - Line ChatBot Design competition champion/Shooly/100k TWD
    • Ministry of Education 109U-Start / /350k TWD
    • Ministry of Science and Technology 2020 FITI Top 40/PP-Bank System/50k TWD
  • Aug 2021


    Apr 2022


    • Java: Teaching a class with over 50 students.
    • Go: Teaching a class with 1 student.
    • C++: Teaching a class with 5 students.
    • x86 Assembly: Teaching a class with 1 student.
  • Jan 2018


    Sep 2019

    Electrical EngineerANIMATE ENGINEERING CO., LTD

    • Assembling teaching materials for KNX smart home based on the 108 curriculum.
    • Participating in the smart building project at National Taitung University.
    • Participating in the smart home project at Yunlin-Chiayi-Nantou Regional Branch, Ministry of Labor.
    • Participating in the smart classroom project at National Hualien Industrial Vocational High School.
    • Participating in the smart farm project at Nantou Zhongpu.


  • 2018



    NTUSTBachelor Degree Program of Applied Science and Technology

    • 2021 President Educational Award
    • Student Club Master
    • Tennis varsity member
  • 2022



    Hochschule EsslingenExchange Student in Informatik major

    • Led the Team to Finish the Course Simulator Application Project
    • Passing all of technical courses
    • Travelling most of Europe
  • 2014



    National Hualien Industrial Vocational Senior High SchoolElectrical Engineering

    • The 44th WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 Medallion for Excellence
    • The 44th WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 National Competitor
    • The 46th National Skills Competition Golden


  • National Competitor

    • 2017 Shanghai WorldSkills Competition Invitational / Interior Wiring / World Gold Medal
    • 44th Abu Dhabi WorldSkills Competition / Interior Wiring / World Champion
    • 44th WorldSkills Competition / Interior Wiring / National Representative
  • Scholarship

    • 2021 Foxconn Education Foundation Award
    • 2021 Presidential Education Award
    • Cathay Outstanding Scholar Program Special Merit Award
    • 2020 NTUST Outstanding college Youth Award
  • University Competition

    • 2020 National College Intelligent Innovation and Cross-Disciplinary Integration Creation Competition/ Sliver
    • The 13th HIWIN robotic arm Competition
  • Tennis Competition

    • 7th Place in the 111th National Intercollegiate Tennis Cup Northern Region Team Competition
    • Easyoga Cup Zhongli Station Tennis Grading Tournament 2.5: Singles and Doubles Third Place
    • 2nd Breakpoint Tennis Grading Tournament 2.0: Singles Champion
  • Speech Experience

    • Coscup / Building 3D Models with Ruby / July 2022
    • Coscup / TechGirl from NTUST / July 2022
    • Delivered 4 speeches on 'Embracing Career with Technical Skills'
    • Invited as a speaker for the Ministry of Labor's Skill Competition Promotion Event 'Rooting Career from the Bottom' / September 2021
    • Invited to speak at the Southern Maker Base on 'Taking an Alternative Path'
    • Invited as a commentator for the 48th National Skill Competition Northern Region Qualifiers in the field of Indoor Electrical Wiring / April 2019
    • Invited as a commentator for the 47th National Skill Competition in the field of Indoor Electrical Wiring / August 2018
    • Invited as a commentator for the 47th National Skill Competition Northern Region Qualifiers in the field of Indoor Electrical Wiring / April 2018


  • Web

  • Programming Language


  • Hochschule Esslingen Course Simulator

    Hochschule Esslingen Course Selection Simulator is a simulation course selection system developed specifically for Hochschule Esslingen. This system aims to assist students in resolving confusion during the course selection process by providing features such as course selection simulation, course search, and course information. It is implemented using Rails and React.

  • LINE Chatbot-NTUST Senior

    NTUST Senior is a LINE chatbot designed specifically for new non-departmental students at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST). Developed by myself to address the confusion faced by non-departmental freshmen every year, this project provides features such as course selection assistance, graduation requirements, and campus announcements. It is implemented using Rails.

  • Sketchup Rebar Helper Plugin

    Sketchup is a commonly used 3D modeling software in the architecture industry. For this project, the requirement is to automatically deploy reinforcement within the structural elements. In traditional cases, modelers have to manually calculate and construct sample reinforcement based on the dimensions, layers, and types of reinforcement required for the structural elements. They then repeatedly copy the sample reinforcement to specific locations, which is a repetitive and time-consuming task. With this plugin, however, by inputting parameters, the plugin can directly generate reinforcement that matches the structural elements. It is implemented using Ruby.

  • Hexapod Bionic Robot

    This project is a reconnaissance robot designed for exploring indoor spaces and surveying partially collapsed buildings. To adapt to complex terrains, we chose a hexapod robot as the base, which offers greater advantages in overcoming terrain obstacles despite its slower movement speed compared to wheeled robots. The project utilizes reinforcement learning techniques to simulate various terrains on a computer, enabling the robot to automatically adjust its movement patterns based on the terrain. When used in disaster relief scenarios, the robot provides valuable insights into the interior of collapsed buildings. We have equipped the robot with an optical radar to collect data and generate a point cloud representation of the entire space. Additionally, for easier location of trapped individuals, the robot is equipped with a camera that utilizes YOLOv4 for real-time image recognition, facilitating search and rescue operations.


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